The Journey The Journey 2017 - 18 - Page 15

WATER HOUSE R HOUSE COORDINATOR – Antony Jude HOUSE PREFECTS – Laila Wahid, Rishi Kejriwal “Teamwork makes the dream work” The academic year 2017-’18 became very exciting for Water House; One of the 4 houses named after the elements of life. The sixth graders were the most happy and cheerful as they were experiencing such a system of houses for the very first time. The middle school students of water house contributed to the fullest and helped us remain competitive. The hard work and the enthusiasm of the members of the water house was witnessed on the sports day as we lifted the ‘Cheering Trophy’. Along with this, we won all the three positions in the Boys 100m Grade 10-12 and bagged many other events which was indeed exceptional. REPORT The high school boy’s team of water house won the Inter-House Basketball and Football Tournament, whereas the girls proved themselves by giving their opponents a tough fight and came second. All the teachers were supportive and motivated all of us to do our best at each and every House activity whether it be House Board or Inter House Sports and Cultural competitions. Our house coordinator, Jude Sir, supported us and encouraged us to push our limits and reach our greatest potential. This not only helped us improve our leadership skills but also our communication, management skills along with team work and helped us develop our personalities to be a greater individual. As the House Captain of Water house, we will be forever grateful to Global Public School for the opportunities that were presented to us and the exposure that was gained from all the activities conducted throughout the year. 2017-'18 global public school 15