The Journey The Journey 2017 - 18 - Page 13

EARTH HOUSE R HOUSE COORDINATOR – Dileep T K \HOUSE PREFECTS – Jean Helen, Abhishek Menon “Winners are not people who never fail, but people who never qvuit” The year 2017-’18 was nothing but extraordinary for Earth House as we yet again proved that we are unbeatable, even when we are made to face the most challenging situations. The result of our strong determination and will to succeed in every hurdle that came across our path was undoubtedly seen towards the end of this glorious academic year. Our team worked tremendously hard, right from the start of the academic year with our students securing first place in many house boards and inter-house competitions. Our sports teams also set benchmarks in the inter-house matches. REPORT Our students put in the best of all their talents, abilities and creative skills for the Independence Day and Onam events, which gave us many wonderful victories and a steady ground within the initial months of the academic year itself. The turning point in our journey was made during the Children’s Day celebrations, when each and every student did an outstanding job, securing first place in more than half of the events. Our athletes did us proud in the Sports Day competitions, winning third place overall and second for march past. The undying spirit within each member was seen during the countless hours of practice spent every day prior to the event. The year ended on a marvellous note when the Cultural Trophy was announced in the name of Earth House for the second time in a row. Our creativity, hard work and effort also led to us winning the Creative House Trophy this year. What made this year so unforgettable is the enthusiasm, strength and courage within every student, teacher and parent in our family. May we keep flourishing and brave every storm that comes our way. 2017-'18 global public school 13