The Journey The Journey 2017 - 18 - Page 12

AIR HOUSE R HOUSE COORDINATOR – RATHISH C.R HOUSE PREFECTS – ANNA S MATHAI, VINAYAK THAMPI “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic, it takes sweat, determination and hard work “. The New Academic Year , 2017-’18 brought with it hopes, challenges , joy and definitely new obligations and responsibilities . The Year started off with the Freshers’ Day competitions which gave our members hope for all the competitions to come. The most exciting occasion of the year was the Sports Day. Air House was able to march to victory to attain the March Past Trophy. This was led by the Air House Prefects, Anna S Mathai and Vinayak Thampi . This was only possible because of the tireless efforts that our team portrayed. Our perseverance and dedication, alongside a lot of fun gave our whole house wonderful experiences, and taught us many valuable lessons. We, the prefects are highly indebted to our house for cooperating and allowing the events to go smoothly that day. REPORT Air House worked strenuously and the efforts were visible as we were able to lift the Overall Sports Trophy. We are also indebted to our house teachers for their guidance, wisdom and making sure we were on the right path to success. We hope we will be able to lift this and the other trophies as well in the upcoming years. Our House was able to excel in almost all the areas and through our support, the students effort brought trophies to our house. Our Journey of Achievements does not end here. Our students have always made our house flag flutter with pride and we hope that it will remain so in the upcoming years. As we hand over the responsibility to the upcoming house prefects, we wish them luck and hope that they continue the legacy of excellence we leave behind and keep the flag of Air House always soaring high with pride. 2017-'18 All the best! global public school 12