The Journal of mHealth Vol 1 Issue 3 (June 2014) - Page 53

Consult…..connect…..engage……respond……improve In today’s fast changing health landscape understanding and responding to patient needs is becoming ever more critical. Designing healthcare services to match more closely the profile and lifestyle of your local population can bring benefits for patients and the efficiency of the health system. Consultation Plus is an online system tool that helps organisations improve their consultation exercises and encourage customer and user engagement. Designed by communications and engagement experts the system is simple to use and provides meaningful feedback to aid improved decision making via meaningful engagement. »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» »» Easy to use with simple ‘wizard’ menu to guide all users though the consultation and engagement process Low cost – multiple users can access the system via PCs and mobile devices to provide ongoing feedback and up to the minute information about user and customer views and experiences Feedback can be analysed demographically and geographically to give a clear picture of emerging themes and key issues Ability to manage multiple consultation exercises Upload data from meetings, web sites, or community outlets such as GP surgeries, town halls and schools Provides a clear ‘audit trail’ of activity to ensure ‘good practice’ and the meeting of legal requirements such as the ‘duty to consult’ Mapping feature shows ‘hot spots’ to identify areas where greater engagement is needed Analysis of feedback creates presentations for management and public meetings Our team can set up the system and upload an organisation’s existing databases for use in the consultation processes We can also set up and embed a new forward looking engagement approach in your organisation to improve customer and user experiences and enhance service delivery Bespoke solutions – building on the basic system we can add and tailor additional features to match customer’s exact requirements For further information and a free demonstration email: