The Journal of mHealth Vol 1 Issue 3 (June 2014) - Page 11

Industry News “Our bodies have always had something to say, but now with advanced sensors, algorithms and software, we will be able to tune into what the body is telling us,” says Dr. Michael Blum associate vice chancellor for informatics at UCSF. “Validation of these technologies will improve the quality of data collected and help advance the ability to bring new products to market quickly. UCSF is pleased to play an important role in this effort to focus increased technology resources on digital health.” CLIP-ON CHARGER approach, SAMI will allow data to be controlled by the individual generating it and not by third-parties, so that personal health data can be better protected. The combination of Simband-designed sensor technologies and algorithms and SAMI-based software will take individual understanding of the body to a new level – for the first time giving voice to a deeper understanding of personal health and well being. In addition, through the development of new sensing technologies and software, it is possible that entirely new and previously unimagined insights into health and wellness could be generated. To avoid a repeat of criticism levelled against its existing smartwatches, Samsung suggested that a magnetic battery charger could be attached to the device while the wearer slept, to avoid them having to take it off at night. It also suggested one possible way of presenting the data would be to offer a "wellness score" as a simple percentage read-out that would indicate the extent to which the wristband's owner was taking care of themself. Other details revealed at Samsung's event included a plan to include wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity in the Simband device. SAMSUNG DIGITAL HEALTH CHALLENGE To support its Digital Health Initiative, Samsung also announced the Samsung Digital Health Challenge, a $50 million investment fund dedicated to innovative start-ups and technologies in the connected health area. The goal of the fund is to stimulate creative new approaches to digital health and Samsung's open platforms. Additional information about the announcements and the Samsung Digital Health Challenge may