The Journal of mHealth Vol 1 Issue 1 (Feb 2014) - Page 6

mHealth...A Global Market mHealth... The global mHealth market is growing at a rapid pace. A report published by Kalorama in 2013 [1] suggests that the size of the market grew by 237% within the five-year period from 2008. With similar predictions being made for the market in the near future, digital healthcare looks set to be a significant element of the wider healthcare market, sooner rather than later. The same report describes the market as still being in its infancy, considered to be small to 4 February 2014 A Global Market moderate in size. However, the effectiveness of the solutions on offer are providing benefits that can be valued far beyond the capitalisation figures suggest. “Currently mobile penetration is reaching saturation in developed markets and is rapidly increasing in developing markets such as Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Africa. Moreover, increasing exposure to smartphones along with 3G and 4G networks is futher boosting the rate of adoption of mobile devices across markets and particularily in healthcare systems. Furthermore, a shift can be observed from hospitalcare to personal-care as mobile healthcare systems are providing seamless support and care to patients irrespective of their locations. On top of that, the advent of a new generation of connected medical devices and personal health tracking monitors are making it easier for