The Journal of mHealth Vol 1 Issue 1 (Feb 2014) - Page 49

Health & Development Foundation - Survey subscribers to seek out additional information from other reliable sources, by notifying women of early warning signs of health problems or introducing new information. Subscribers are also able to participate in free, live webinars with medical experts on text message topics. The program had over 50,000 participants as of the end of 2013. HDF conducted a national survey during April-October 2013 among 751 respondents from 64 Russian regions. Of these, 49 respondents were interviewed at the Federal Kulakov Centre for Obstetrics, Gynaecology, and Perinatology on April 2, 2013. These respondents (pregnant women) were attending two classes led by medical specialists at the centre on the first anniversary of the SMSmame program launch. The other respondents were reached through an Internet survey in September-October 2013. Of these, 50 were pregnant, and 652 were mothers whose children were under one year of age. CLIENT SATISFACTION SMSmame clients who responded to the survey reported an overwhelmingly positive opinion of the service: 41.6% said they were highly satisfied with it, and 33.7% were satisfied. Beyond their stated satisfaction, the actions of respondents demonstrated their high opinion of SMSmame. One measure of client satisfaction is the length of time they had been subscribers. Nearly a quarter of respondents had been subscribers for over a year (23.8%) and 27.9% had been subscribers for 9-12 months. Clients continue to participate in programs that provide a useful service. One of the key goals of SMSmame is to provide reliable, relevant health information to subscribers, and the fact that 91% of respondents save program text messages for future reference (62.4% doing so regularly) demonstrates that the program is meeting this goal. to friends or acquaintances, and 42% had done so more than once. MOTIVATION TO SEEK OUT ADDITIONAL INFORMATION SMSmame is intended not only as an information resource, but also as a way to motivate subscribers to seek out additional information from reliable sources on message topics. Survey results indicate that the service does indeed function as a source of motivation for the majority of respondents (90.9%). Of that percentage, 56.5% of clients were “sometimes” motivated by text messages, and 15.8% were motivated “on a regular basis.” One area for improvement is client motivation to speak with their doctors about text message ѽ