The Journal of mHealth Vol 1 Issue 1 (Feb 2014) - Page 45

Health & Development Foundation - Survey Figure 7 Do you talk with your gynecologist about topics covered in SMS messages? 3.1% 21.8% Yes, on a regular basis Yes, sometimes Rarely 56.7% No 18.4% Figure 8 Do SMSmame text messages motivate you to seek out additional information related to message content? 9.1% 15.8% Yes, on a regular basis 18.6% Yes, sometimes Rarely No 56.5% Figure 9 Do you like the text message service? 2.2% Yes, I like it very much 0.8% I like it 21.7% 41.6% I like some things about it, dislike others I do not like it all 33.7% I do not like it very much mame messages as motivation to seek out more information from reliable sources One of the main goals of this initiative is to increase the interest and attention of expectant and new mothers regarding their health, and to m