The Journal of mHealth Vol 1 Issue 1 (Feb 2014) - Page 24

USA Cisco Study: 74% of Consumers Open to Virtual Doctor Visit Cisco Study Reveals 74 Percent of Consumers Open to Virtual Doctor Visit A 2013 study conducted by Cisco demonstrates the growing acceptance amongst consumers for the provision of healthcare services delivered using technology. The results of the report demonstrate that as information, technology, bandwidth, and integration of the network become the centre of the “new world,” both human and digital aspects are key parts to the overall patient experience. These components lead to more realtime, meaningful patient and doctor interaction. The survey studied the views of consumers and healthcare decision makers (HCDMs) on sharing personal health data, participating in in-person medical consultation versus remote care and using technology to make recommendations on personal health. Views on these topics differed widely between the two groups (consumers and HCDMs) and the ten geographies surveyed. The global report conducted in early 2013, includes responses from 1,547 consumers and HCDMs across ten countries. Additionally, consumers and HCDMs were 22 February 2014 polled from a wide variety of backgrounds and ages within each country. » Most North American consumers – nearly eighty percent – are comfortable submitting a complete medical history and diagnostic information to help ensure they have all the information available to treat them and offer the most personal diagnosis possible. Ninety percent of Russian consumers expressed comfort, while fifty percent of Japanese customers expressed discomfort with the idea of submitting DNA. » Though roughly half of HCDMs believe data protection is adequate for protecting health and medical data privacy in their respective countries, fewer