The Insider September 2014 - Page 42

Last Word with Montverde Anyone who has played golf, or watched a golf tournament, recognizes the profound grace and reflective beauty in which a participant’s character is exposed, and how both their consciousness and focus is metamorphosed to engagingly compete, strategize and achieve victory. George K. Karos, Montverde Academy’s Director of Communications, asked coworkers at the Academy to describe the game and its relationship to character. Over the next few months, The Insider will share these responses. “Golf does not build character but reveals it” Quote adapted from John Wooden Doug Wortman, Montverde Middle School Athletic Director, on golf and character: “There are few sports truly like golf. Most have referees or umpires watching every tackle, pitch, serve or shot taken. If the judges don’t see a penalty, then it’s like it didn’t happen. No one ever blames the athlete for not calling themselves out. Then there’s golf. The true spirit of the game can and has been summed up with this rule: “play the ball as it lies.” I don’t know of any other sport that has the ability to teach integrity or honesty or maybe just plain “grit” as this global obsession we call golf has been doing for centuries. No one may see the ball oscillate and move a fraction of an inch closer to the hole — no one, but you. After understanding the spirit of this game, I watch as kids (and pros) of all ages call penalties on themselves for these infractions, that sometimes didn’t even help them in the first place. These are penalties they could have easily ignored. That is a priceless lesson.” 42 American Junior Golf Association