The Insider September 2014 - Page 25

Internship AJGA @AJGACareers #AJGAInternship Each year, the AJGA looks for more than 70 interns to travel across the country to run junior golf tournaments at the highest level. Director of Recruiting and Special Events Lauren Shelly answers some of the most important questions about the program. Q: If you could describe the AJGA internship in one word, what would it be? A: Experience. We often use four words to describe our internship: networking, experience, travel and teamwork. It is a blend of all these factors that create the total internship experience. Q: What separates this from other internship opportunities available to students? A: One of the keys to the AJGA is that we treat everyone like full-time employees. Everyone is given more responsibility, more trust and higher standards. Our interns are the face of the AJGA and we treat them as such. Q: What are the benefits of spending a spring or summer as an AJGA intern? A: A lot of people think they want to work in the sports industry; spending time as an intern gives you an opportunity to get a feel for it. The AJGA will also teach interns countless job skills that you wouldn’t find in a typical office. Q: What qualities does the AJGA look for in potential interns? A: Above all I would say we look for self-motivators who are dependable, responsible, trustworthy and dedicated. To Apply: Go to Select the internship that interests you Click on Apply now! 25 The Insider // September 2014