The Insider September 2014 - Page 2

PERFORMANCE IS FOR EVERY PLAYER. “The Pro V1 is so advanced that it gives golfers at any level everything they need.” – Adam Scott “The Pro V1 performs off the tee great. It goes long, it goes exactly where I aim it, and it works perfectly.” – Stephen L. Pro V1, Amateur “I need the Pro V1 just as much as a Tour player, because I’m trying to improve my game. ” – Paige J. Pro V1, Amateur Pro V1® and Pro V1x™ golfers are Tour players and men and women of all ages with a wide range of handicaps and swing speeds. These golf balls are designed to provide superior performance on every shot, delivering exceptional distance, short game control, soft feel and long lasting durability. That’s why more golfers around the world have made the Pro V1 and Pro V1x the #1 choice for their game. American Junior Golf Association ©2014 Acushnet Company. “Pro V1 and Pro V1x fit all of my members, young or old, regardless of swing speed.” – Andrew Shuck PGA Professional “The Pro V1x gives me a perfect combination of distance and short game control.” – Landon C. Pro V1x, Amateur “I don’t see any reason why I shouldn’t play the same ball as a Tour player. I’m looking for the same benefits. Distance off the tee and control around the greens. ” – David M. Pro V1x, Amateur