The Insider May, 2017 - Page 30

Winner’s Circle presented by P P PRIZE POSSESSIONS March 31 - April 2, 2017 AJGA Junior at The Seagate The Seagate Country Club Boys Champion Sampson-Yunhe Zheng, (China) Kissimmee, Fla. Girls Champion Sophie Guo, (China) Orlando, Fla. AJGA Preview at Brookhaven Brookhaven Country Club - Masters Course Boys Medalists Chance Mulligan, Dallas, Texas Kyle Engelbert, Fort Worth, Texas Girls Medalist Kelsey Wylie, Katy, Texas AJGA Preview at Carlton Oaks Carlton Oaks Country Club Boys Medalist Joey Vrzich, El Cajon, Calif. Girls Medalist Sabrina Nguyen, Escondido, Calif. AJGA Junior at Greenhorn ܙYZ‘ܙY[ܛܙYZ\ܝ\[\[ۂܚY[\[KZ] ˂\[\[ۂYX[[ZH ۘܙ [YB[Y\X[[[܈\X][ۂ^\]H[Y][ۘ[]\