The Insider May, 2017 - Page 21

PGA TOUR | @PGATOUR | Apr 21 Golfers to have a hole-in-one at this #JustinThomasJr AJGA hole: Justin Thomas’ grandfather. Justin Thomas’ father. Justin Thomas. Wow. Justin Thomas | @JustinThomas34 Apr 23 Nicolas Osterburg @osterburg_golf | Apr 21 And that’s a wrap from the Thanks @JustinThomas34 for the #JustinThomasJr! Great support from picture! Going for back-to-back people around Louisville. Congrats to victories this weekend! @AJGAGolf Kelly and Austin on their victories! #JustinThomasJr #JustinThomasJr Golfweek | @golfweek | Apr 7 ALL HE DOES IS WIN! @joaconiemann wins #SergioGarciaJr for 3rd straig ht victory savannahgrewal_ Michelle Hantak | @AJGAHantak | Apr 7 Great time with @TheSergioGarcia! Thanks to @TaylorMadeGolf, @adidasGolf & the 2017 @TheMasters champ for a great #SergioGarciaJr! Had a great time at the #SergioGarciaJr thanks so much AJGAGolf | @AJGAGolf | Apr 7 @AJGAGolf and @thesergiogarcia for 2017 @TheMasters champ → #SergioGarciaJr spectator a great event! #SergioGarciaJr