The Indie Game Magazine July 2015 | Issue 51 - Page 9

easier to detect, and therefore can potentially give away the player’s position to distant enemies, such as pirates trying to secure a missile lock. From the engine room, players can view a detailed breakdown of their ship, which is broken into different modules. These modules, which can include rooms, each serve a different purpose, from the helm of the ship to the navigational computer where players will strategically plan out their combat tactics. Modules can be customized, so players can outfit their ship from a selection of options including an engine room, a cargo hold (for storing equipment obtained while exploring), and a communications room. The engine room is also where players can repair and upgrade their current modules. Objects in Space aims to provide players with enough tactical and strategic depth to play out their space-faring adventure however they see fit. It’s a game that encourages out-of-thebox thinking; want to run your ship without a reactor so it flies near-silently? Find and equip some solar panels to a couple of the wing modules and run on solar power. Just remember... it’s not always sunny in space. Want to arm your ship to the teeth with weaponry? Purchase and place a few weapon modules, just don’t forget the ship needs power to run. But what about the people who’d rather explore, avoiding combat whenever possible and using stealth tactics for hasty retreats? The ship 9