The Indie Game Magazine July 2015 | Issue 51 - Page 8

GAME WATCH Deep Space Trine W elcome back to Game Watch! We took a brief hiatus last month because a few of the games in consideration for the segment weren’t quite ready to debut their development, but we’re back this issue with a shiny new installment. (As a special bonus for being patient, Game Watch is twice the size of a normal installment this month.) We’ll check back in on Lost Ember very soon, so be sure you’re subscribed to IGM if you want to keep tabs on the game. In the meantime, the fine folks at Flat Earth Games have a new project they’d like to announce as the latest member of the Game Watch family. We first spotlighted this team when we exclusively revealed their then-upcoming game, Metrocide, to the world way back in our June 2014 issue. But even prior to that successful launch, Flat Earth Games was plotting our their next major release. I’m happy to be one of the first to present Objects in Space to the gaming audience with this early 8 by Vinny Parisi look at the development process. As a general overview of Objects in Space, there are a few key points of interest. First is that the game is referred to as a stealth space-trading game. This is because encounters will play out differently than most space game aficionados will be accustomed to. The biggest change is that combat is much more akin to submarine warfare, as opposed to the traditional dogfighting style often presented in space games. Objects in Space also has a very intentional retro aesthetic, which is something that feels familiar to the Flat Earth Games team and fans of their previous titles. As you’ll see in the screenshots presented in this feature, Flat Earth Games originally prototyped Objects in Space in a 2D engine, but they are currently porting the game over to a 3D engine, so players will be able to navigate their ship’s computers in a 3D-esque space. (When the game next returns to Game Watch, you’ll get a taste of the new look.) this issue, because there’s a lot of really exciting gameplay mechanics to report on, so for now all we need to know is that the game takes place in the future, in a cluster of the universe far away from Earth. (Be on the lookout for the next installment to find out why the game features seven different writers!) Players take on the role of a newcomer to the cluster, looking to find their place amongst hum