The Indie Game Magazine July 2015 | Issue 51 - Page 12

INTERVIEW Ori and the Blind Forest Interview by Vinny Parisi T Heather Recording Session Photos by tography Lemmon / Lemmon Tree Pho 12 s to love the indie game here are a number of reason ind projects, the creativcommunity. The passion beh ness to focus on selfity, the quirkiness, the willing t appeal, the list goes on. Evexpression over mass marke n belonging to one or two of ery once in awhile, rather tha es to check each of the boxes. these reasons, a game manag es together, it creates a AA When this perfect storm com between what mainstream experience that blurs the line sus “AAA.” Ori and the Blind audiences consider “indie” ver ly t storms. It’s a game that tru Forest is one of these perfec From the gameplay ies great. encapsulates what makes ind ry sense of the to the instrumental (in eve to the story, unforgettable expeplayers an word) soundtrack, Ori offers y it. tures the hearts of all who pla rience that cap features very limited dialogue With a game like Ori – which conveying theme and emo– music plays a pivotal role in chat with Gareth Coker, whose tion. I had the opportunity to lude Primal Carnage and inprevious composer credits inc nce working alongside Moon Momentum, about his experie . We got into his background, Studios to craft the score for Ori projects, and the importance what sets Ori apart from other other things. Check it out: of music in video games, among