The Indie Game Magazine August 2015 | Issue 52 - Page 52

SCREENSHOT MONTHLY The Summer is over half-gone already? How did that happen? Well, before our student readers head back to school for the Fall term, let’s have a look at some hot new and upcoming indie titles. -Laura Klotz L asso Games refers to its debut title as its “maiden voyage,” and with good reason. In Levantera: Tale of the Winds, the player takes on the role of the captain of the M.S. Tradewind, a trading ship out to explore the world. The captain is on a quest to locate his or her lost crew, and must battle fierce enemies while searching through exotic locations. All the while, they hope to learn the secrets of Levantera, the arcane force which governs the wind. The 8-bit action RPG for PC was inspired by NES classics, and features an extensive story punctuated with a chiptune-style musical score. The developers will be launching both a Kickstarter and a Steam Greenlight campaign on August 22, so watch for unfolding details about Levantera. Developer: Lasso Games Website: Twitter: @lasso_games 52 The Indie Game Magazine