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Hi JJ here from Sticky Toffee, and I am pleased to introduce you to:

Caravan Music Promotions The Only Universal radio /media plugger for over 15 years.

So What Is Caravan Music Promotions All About ?

First and foremost it is about you the artist and your music

If you’re happy, then so are we.

Caravan Music Promotions~ Gains you media exposure, assists labels with artist development, works with new talents/bands just starting out, and acts as support and team members to indie labels.

With your music our objective is to get it played on the radio on a global scale, and to gain you as much exposure as possible.

This does not mean we will make you an over night success or you will be on radio 1 next week , it does mean we work hard gaining you radio interviews and any media related exposure we can. Working at grass roots level up, artistswill achieve radio interviews, live performance opportunities, and reviews.

If you have a music video we can help you get it out to music channels and we are able to achieve some TV interviews for artists that have a good angle.

If you don’t have a video we have a great crew who can help you make one for a budget that you can afford ! We can only work with your video if it is filmed to broadcast qualit .

We will not promise you play on MTV or similar channels but we have had success in this area which has lead to bands being signed and furthering their career, at the end of the day its not our decision.

If you do need a video or would like to look at ways of shooting one then zip over to out video department .

Caravan Music Promotions accepts all genres of music and we have no age limits.

We have a reputation for good artists and breakthrough artists/bands within the industry and we are always happy to advise. We always endeavour to maintain the highest possible standard of service we can , but we know we can not please all the people all the time , this doesn't mean we have not done our job , it does mean we are human beings and we can’t perform miracles .

The Caravan Crew believes all artists /bands can make it with a set of realistic goals and by keeping things achievable, it will not happen over night but you will get there and if we can help you then we have done our job!

We will never lead you up the garden path, and we do request you to be honest with us ...

Please don't ask us to work for nothing or a percentage as we are ar PR company and we are NOT offering management services. We tell it as it is, we have all been on the road you are on and know it can be a minefield of Sharks and other man eating monsters so we can advise you where not to tread and help guide you every step of the way.

We are excellent at artist development, and can help and advise any new record label/artist with image, marketing and also with press/radio/TV exposure so you don’t get left behind, we have some very competitive rates to help you make it thorough these hard times, don’t let the credit crunch stand in your way.

Please remember development means just that !

Development from scratch can take up to a year or two. You may come to us with a good year behind you and that makes goals more realistic and achiveable

Please visit ” Big Up The Caravan” page to see what our clients have to say about us!

We are currently receiving demos.

CONTACT caravanmusicconsultancy@yahoo.com