'The Independent Music Show Magazine' September 2015. - Page 15

'The Independent Music Show' is Broadcast on upwards of 850+ Radio Stations across the World, on a Weekly basis and at different times and dates within the week of broadcast. The Artist, Writer or Promoter who Books the 'Weekly Featured Artist Radio Promotion' will receive the following Publicity Package.

1. Two Tracks played on 'The Independent Music Show'...One to start the show and

One to finish the show.

2. Broadcast Saturday to Friday inclusive, on upwards of 850+ Radio Stations across

the World and live on Face-book & Twitter.

3. A fully designed and published Web-Page on 'The Independent Music Show'

Website inclusive of Links, Images, Embedded Videos and a comprehensive

Write-Up. The web-page will remain available (for promotion) to the public and

or artist

and or promoter throughout the week of the promotion i.e.; Thursday through


4. The fully designed and published web-page with links to embedded videos will

also be placed on 'The Independent Music Show Newsletter' and distributed via

the 'The Independent Music Show' Newsletter' mailing list.

5. A Full Page Spread in 'The Independent Music Show Magazine'

6. 'The Independent Music Show' in which your work is contained, will be promoted

for the full week and will be available for you to promote in whichever way you

deem fit, from the Monday after the live show onwards, via the 'College

Underground Radio' podcast for nine weeks and on Mixcloud.

7. Your work will be prominently promoted on Social Media i.e.; Face-book, Twitter,

Linkedin etc.

8. Your work is Guaranteed to be played on upwards 0f 850+ International Radio

Stations through our Syndication Partner Stations. (Listed on 'The Independent

Music Show' website) throughout the promotion week.

9. The cost in full for this comprehensive package is £100 payable by pay-pal invoice

in advance.

The Independent Music Show

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Broadcasting to the World

We Are Now Syndicated on 850+ Prime International Radio Stations

AM - FM - Satellite & Internet / Combined Listenership...in the Millions

The Featured Artist Radio Promotion