'The Independent Music Show Magazine' May 2018 - Page 9

I my job!

Much of the time since I came back from America has been spent doing this, ie sending Dee Jay and reviewers CD'S.

I had a suitcase full of them, all folks we met, saw playing live and loved on the trail.

I always send everyone of these with two prayers!

Every CD gets a Biog and the Medicine Show touch. In Carrington's case with info on her massive 28 date spring Euro Tour.

I'm always mindfully that every recipient of every CD should be receptive to the music. IN that cathartic, mindfulness induced by doing repetitive work I also make sure I put in two prayers for delivery in with each CD when I tuck in the biog.

Prayer 1 that the recipient at least listens to it

Prayer 2 that if/when they play it and/or review it, that might start a snowball effect that would really make a difference to the artist, and for at least one song on that CD to result in a life changing avalanche of international recognition.

Every person that receives our Cd's has that kind of influence and they in turn by and large hear those kind prayers in every CD they unwrap, I know I do.

All these Dee Jays shows are listened to by other Dee Jays and promoters, one play can lead to more, and more plays leads to more and better attended gigs.

These days everyone who hears one of our artists on the radio has the instant ability to buy their CD and/or organise a house concert or (and this is important) petition their favourite Dee Jay to also play it, and even more important and even easier, become a broadcaster too and share a song on their social media.

I will send a Medicine bag with cd biog and two prayers to any deejay!/reviewer you suggest should have them. Its my job, I my job

I currently also working new releases for David Starr, Bill Bloomer, Martha Reich Braden, ESOEBO Emily Herring, Ed Romanoff, Ruth Purves Smith and the International Folk Award winning Ordinary Elephant (see word of mouth and hard work does work) with Jim Wyly, Chad Elliott and Dana Cooper new releases on the way.

I don't think in the 30 odd years of doing this work I've ever been prouder as I am of the current fold of artists.

All albums that I know deserve to be listened to, with songs on them all I firmly believe could straddle the world and answer not just my prayers but those of these artists and all their fans, friends and family's .

Our hopes, prayers and dreams go with everyone of them I my job

Rob Ellen

Rob Ellen