'The Independent Music Show Magazine' May 2018 - Page 21

BANAFSH is a music band from Tehran, Iran that arranges and performs the compositions of Payman Abdali (aka Paiman Abdali, Paymon Abdali, IO Music Project, NIRUGAH).

The music career officially started on October 27th 1987, when Payman (Paymon) performed his and the University's first "Electronic Music Recital" in Music Room 157, college of Music of California State University of Sacramento.

After Payman's return to Iran in 1991 he concentrated on scoring for Theater, TV and film. He released his second album "Angel of Thoughts" (XDOT25 Productions) in 1994 in San Francisco and was nominated for "Best Theater Score" in Fajr International Festival on 1995 in Tehran, Iran. After years of recording music and scoring for Theater, TV and Movies and working as an Audio Engineer for other artists, in 2013 the idea of a performing band was formed. At that time the concept album "A Pledge for Peace" was initiating as poems from Iranian poets (some dating back one thousand years) about peace, harmony, respectful coexistence, comradery and joy of humanity were collected and translated into English. They were then turned into lyrics and songs were written for them.

BANAFSH then evolved over the last five years with different members. The concept album "A Pledge for Peace" was recorded and mixed in Tehran by Payman Abdali and then mastered in Germany by @15Hz studios. It was consequently released in 2017, following an August 27th 2016 performance of six of the tracks in the University of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Iran.

As far as the concept is concerned, the album is hailed as an important achievement by an Iranian artist/band as a true representation of the peaceful ideology of most of the Iranian people, independent and away from all political strata.

Musically, it represents a cross-genre, unique and refreshing "East-West" style of music that transcends through all political, cultural and social barriers.

The songs are in English and Persian and some instrumental.

Featured Artist - 20th - April - 2018


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