'The Independent Music Show Magazine' July 2017 - Page 4


Featured Artist

14th July


Solomon Edmond aka Solex:

In one word Solomon’s music can be described as

UniverSoul ~ “one universal sound that soothes the soul.“ The language of his music is universal.

He is a musician who makes no boasts about his musical talent, but credits his Daddy (Jehovah) for

blessing him with the ability to do what he ­does. A native of Bridgeport, Connecticut, Solomon grew

up as a PK (Preacher’s Kid) and was exposed to the

ministry of music early in his childhood.

He has since began focusing on the creation and

production of the music that has always been a

part of his being yet was forbidden to be expressed...Love Songs and Life Music!

Solomon made his debut in the “Life Music”

category with his release of Together Again in

2007, a soulful compilation of jazz, rooted in

gospel with a mild mix of R&B beats.

The CD is a tribute to his first cousin, Jonathan Dubose. Solomon has since released CD’s entitled

“Love Language”, “The B-Side”, “Smooth Soul” and “LIV.” His latest release is entitled “Your Face.”

His emotional experiences add a personal and

soulful touch to all of his music. He touches

subjects as diverse as "celebrating the beauty of

the female face" to "reflections about race


Slow is a slow R&B duet ballad that urges us to slow down and pay attention to whatever it is that makes life worth it for you. Inspired by music giants Earth, Wind & Fire and George Duke, this solo artist seeks to

create music that masterfully incorporates harmonies,

speaks of various genres of life, cleverly chosen

instrumentation, and beautifully harnessed chord

progressions to move his audience like he first was hearing

his idols. And although his long term goal is to write, arrange, and produce for up and coming artists,

Solomon will keep creating and sharing his sound, speaking to

the listener's soul and dreams.