'The Independent Music Show Magazine' July 2017 - Page 19

"In today’s female vocalist market, the competition is steep. In the jazz vocalist genre, it’s simply overwhelming with the number of female jazz vocalist entries attempting to gain public favour. Often times the gatekeepers of music reviews, airplay and promotion are tabling these CDs they receive for another day and the stack continues to grow. And, that continual glut makes the ascendancy of Lyn Stanley all the more impressive. She’s gone from an unknown to now selling over 34,000 albums worldwide since her first release, earning her title as International Recording Artist.

To this challenging market in 2013, enters Lyn Stanley with her debut album, Lost In Romance. Lyn was a retiring corporate marketing executive and adjunct college professor with no music background. But, as luck would have it, her first introduction to the music world was through Ella Fitzgerald’s conductor and accompanist for 25 years, jazz pianist, Paul Smith. Smith heard Stanley’s voice and knew she was unique. He had her on stage with him and his trio four months after their first encounter. This was a jump start the fast paced musical journey Lyn Stanley now enjoys.

Lyn is about to release her 5th album, The Moonlight Sessions Volume Two (Volume One

released on May 30, 2017) since 2013 and has released an additional holiday single

in 2014, Little Drummer Boy. She’s been a regular on the CDBaby.com #1 jazz

vocalposition on all her releases to date. And reviews of her work are worldwide

in the audio world for pristine sound recordings.

What may be intriguing about this story, is this relative newcomer to music

has been accompanied by some of the all time music greats in today’s jazz

arena. These players have encircled Lyn Stanley with not only their

wonderful playing but also invested arrangements they conjured up to meet her creative objectives.

Her latest projects, Interludes and The Moonlight Sessions Volumes

One and Two, have Mike Garson (David Bowe’s pianist and conductor for 35 years), John Chiodini (Peggy Lee’s guitarist for 25 years), Joe

LaBarbara (Bill Evan’s drummer) are among the players Lyn hires who virtually meet the “who’s who” list of extraordinary musicians. Lyn’s recordings have garnered Global Music Awards for Best Album and Best Female Vocalist for Interludes and The Moonlight Sessions projects.

Radio airplay for artists can also be an even greater challenge for both promoters and station programmers as they whittle through the sea of music passing their desks. Lyn has managed to gain momentum with each release in this area.

Her latest project, The Moonlight Sessions, got nearly every

track of Volume One added to the largest radio audience (600,000) for one station, KKjz, a Global Jazz, Inc. station based in Los Angeles. KKjz owner, Saul Levine, proclaims Lyn to now

to be one of the “most outstanding vocalists” in today’s jazz.

Arranger/composer Sammy Nestico calls Lyn “a great talent” with

a beautiful voice and winning style. She’s quickly earning the critic

title of “sultry jazz” diva of the decade with her deep, rich tones and

emotive lyric delivery. Lyn was in the vanguard of the return to vinyl craze

we are currently experiencing.



7th July


Lyn Stanley’s discography includes: Lost In Romance (debut), Potions [from the 50s}, Interludes, The Moonlight Sessions Volume One and soon to be released, Volume Two (August 15, 2017 release date). A single, Little Drummer Boy is also available on CdBaby.com. Her distribution is through CDBaby.com, Amazon.com, ElusiveDisc.com, Target.com and fine audio websites."