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FEATURED ARTIST - 23/06/2017

STEREO FREAKOUT began it's performance career in late 2007 and is currently playing anywhere and everywhere they can sink their original, somewhat hard-to-classify hard-rockin' grooves into...

SFO was created by Jym, Infamous, and Topher Rishel on bass by blending guitar and bass ideas together w/ drums and then shaping the songs, ultimately putting vocal melodies and lyrics to most of the tracks. 5 songs were captured in the summer of 2007 via ADAT in a make-shift, do-it-at-home but not-at-home studio, and then

pain-stakingly copied and slang out, totaling over 700 hand-written discs to date. SFO made their debut in the backyard of Jym's house Nov 2007 in front of 40 or so close friends, and was their first time playing w/ Mike Sopko. Dec 2008 marked the first public show at Rooster's in Alameda where SFO drew in over 80 folks, headling the night w/ THE ASSOCIATED, SUPERFINOS VTO (who we've had the pleasure of sharing multiple bills w/ since), and SEX & MACHINES.

In January 2008 SFO went into Cue Production's studio in Concord and recorded two songs- "Stoli Girl" and a new version of "The Way"- releasing these two tracks in a single format. 200 were pressed and distributed, mostly overseas in Africa and Europe.

Well, lots more stuff happened. Like Monster Cock Rally becoming Glimpse Trio, Jym being recruited to manage GT in Okt 2010 and ultimately placing SFO on hiatus, drummer Ethan Horning being replaced by Hamir Atwal in GT, Ethan Rider leaving GT, jazz/funk stand-up bassist Chris Lopes joining and then leaving GT, and Jym learning to play the bass and actually joining the Glimpse Trio line-up... & then Jym splitting ways with GT in April 2012 after touring 7 states and playing almost 60 shows in less than a year.