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Hi, My name is Sue Walton:


I decided to talk about something this week that seems to be a growing problem... ROYALTIES not being paid.

I have a weekly radio show and I deal with a lot of music on a daily basis. I have noticed that most that are complaining they don't make any money from radio plays, do not have their music filled out correctly, You need to right click on your mp3 and in the  first box where it has song title, you need to put a dash and your name after song title.

Then click on details, and this is important,  fill out each box, from song title, name, genre etc then click OK. Then when you put song in folder and want to pull it up for future plays it is easy.

I try to fix as many as I can, but it is getting out of hand and I don't have time. It only takes you a second

to do this and some radio's will just toss your music if not filled out correctly.

It is frustrating to pull music for a radio show and you have 50 songs with no artist name, if I am lucky I recognize the voice, or I have to pitch the music in the trash.

So take that extra minute, fill out your music correctly, get paid for air plays, and you will find out that your airplay's increase!

If you would like to be on my radio show "Sue Walton Presents" send mp3's (filled out correctly) to suewaltonmusic@gmail.com



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