'The Independent Music Show Magazine' February 2018 - Page 9


Hi, My name is Sue Walton:

It's a new year, so for those just starting out, and maybe those that just need to, revive things.

Try starting and e-team, to spread the word about you in blogs, forums and social media.

Start a fan club, with it's own website, and work the 2 together.

Ask your fans to submit your bloggings to Social Bookmarking Websites, spread the word, tell a friend.

Ask your local record shop to give your free cd's away. Give away free T shirts to achieving members of your fan club.

Try running a contest and offer to play at at a party as one of the prizes.

These are only a couple of ideas, my point is use your fans to get your music out there.

Don't forget submit, submit, submit to every radio you can.... SWP

If you would like to be on my radio show "Sue Walton Presents" send mp3's

(filled out correctly) to suewaltonmusic@gmail.com



@suew1011 - is my twitter..

Sue Walton

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