'The Independent Music Show Magazine' February 2018 - Page 8

The four original band members got together for their first jam on September 15, 2013 with the agreement that this was simply a project—a project with a beginning and an end. Then, a funny thing happened; they became a band. The ease of collaboration—the charmed chemistry that presented itself—was apparent almost immediately and they all knew, without saying anything about it, this was something they wanted to continue to do as an ensemble.

Finding a cohesive thread with which to bring together those diverse genres, they

began recording sessions for what would become their debut album. Released in April 2015, The April Fools garnered airplay on more than 100 radio stations across the U.S.

The April Fools' self-released, self-titled debut in 2015 enjoyed airplay on over 140 radio stations across the US and Canada, including 90.3 KFAI and 89.3 The Current in the Twin Cities. The New Release “COLORWHEEL” on Blackberry Way Records is witness to the band's growth and musical breadth that can only occur after years of live performances and countless hours in the recording studio. So strap on your seat belt, kick back and enjoy the ride.

For Brian Drake, personally, releasing the newest; "Colorwheel", on Blackberry Way Records is super rewarding in that it's a "full circle" kind of thing. You see, one of Brian's early bands, Idiot Savant, released what was not only his first ever release, but also the very first record on the label in 1984. Landing back at Blackberry Way after all these years feels like meaningful continuity - a homecoming of sorts.

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23rd February 2018

A killer combo comprised of Twin Cities music scene veterans who blend rock, country, pop, and more into a cohesive and timeless groove

The April Fools began as a studio project for singer/songwriter Brian Drake, who intended to record a batch of his songs with help from a wide network of players to flesh out the tunes. Guitar, bass, and drums would be augmented by horn players, strings, woodwinds, keyboards, vocalists, and more depending on the specific song.

The songs themselves spanned a broad spectrum—rock to straight-up country to alt-country/Americana to blue-eyed soul to Brit-pop to folk to 70's AM radio and more.