The IMC Magazine Issue 7/September, 2015 - Page 9

Seven years ago Bobby Long brought his guitar and his folksy sound to The United States, touring three times in 2009. A musical collaboration with friend, Marcus Foster, led to a song on the original ‘Twilight’ soundtrack. That exposure catapulted Long into the Indie spotlight.

Over time, Long has cultivated his fan base and his sound. The indie artist who could is now backed by Nashville-based Compass Records who are distributing his recently released album, Ode to Thinking.

“I feel like musically I'm always evolving and trying to open myself up to different genres,” Long said. From the full band/acoustic mix on A Winter’s Tale to the solely acoustic Ode to Thinking, Bobby Long’s lyrics and music reach inside the listener and pull them in to an intimate relationship with the songs and performances.

In August, Long hit the road to promote Ode to Thinking, his third album. The 11-song album takes him back to his roots of performing by himself with his trusty acoustic guitar, much like when he first toured with his homemade CD, entitled Dirty Pond Songs.

It didn’t take long for fans and music industry people to take note of his folksy, bluesy sound – reminiscent of his idols like Bob Dylan, and Johnny Cash.