The IMC Magazine Issue 7/September, 2015 - Page 4


A new era begins


IIMC Magazine Staff

Mark Lamdanski - Editor

Carol Riordan - Editor/Design

Kiva Johns-Adkins - Contributor of Behind the Music

Chancy Johnson - Contributor of Out of the Woodwork Music Review

Diana Barnes - Contributor of INN a New York Minute

Beth Fedornak - Guest Writer

Last month, I gave you all the sad news that Carol and I had decided to take down World Wide Indie Radio (Butterflies Radio) due to lack of interest.

This month, I'm letting you know of a new radio station, WSFR - Where South Florida Rocks! WSFR-DB is a digital broadcast - an internet station - that streams mainstream rock with inserts of independent rock music. Why mainstream? It's pretty simply really. I've said it before and I'll say it again. An all-indie station simply doesn't garner enough interest to provide the exposure to the independent artists that we'd like to be able to give! I've always been pretty adamant about getting people to turn off the mainstream music and listen to real hard-working musicians play their hearts out. So, I know it seems hypocritical to now start a mainstream station. Well, I'm tired of beating a dead horse. It's obvious the general public isn't going to switch. If it ain't mainsteam, they're not going to tune in.

What's a guy to do? How can we 'force' someone to listen to an emerging band? You create a mainsteam station, insert indie music and don't tell anyone it's indie! That's what WSFR is all about (well, that and the fact that we are acting as a local radio station rather than your average internet station - more on this later). What we've done is create a playlist of the best of the best independent rock music and at least once each hour we play one of them! (We'll probably increase frequency as we go along.) Once we get the word out about the station and people tune in to hear great mainstream rock music, we'll have a captured audience. We thrown in an awesome indie rock song and they listener never knows what hit them! They'll assume they just heard a mainstream song and if they love it, they can just look at their phone or the web page to see who it was! Wallah!

The downside, of course, is we can't give the exposure to as many bands as we'd like. Something is better than nothing, though, and this is the approach we decided to take.

You know what else is awesome about this? Nobody else has Rich Wildman as an on-air personality! You remember Rich, don't ya?