The IMC Magazine Issue 7/September, 2015 - Page 27

Two years ago I visited a local venue whose performing artist that evening was Matthew Huff. Enjoying the combination of music that varied between his own songs mixed with other artists I ended up staying for the entire evening.

During a break he visited with each table introducing himself and handing out his promotional information and that is where our journey began.

I returned home that evening and visited his website at where I ended up staying up and listening to two albums full of beautifully written songs, both of which I purchased immediately.

I was intrigued by his bio that described how he left a 6 year teaching career to dedicate himself to music full time when in 2010, his song “Back Again” landed him #39 on Music Row Break out chart. It was followed by his song “As Time Goes By” which hit #51 on the same chart.

During the year, we kept in touch via Facebook and the following spring we discovered we shared a mutual love of baseball. Throughout our many conversations and attending and a few baseball outings together, a fan became a friend.

In August of 2014, I had the honor of calling him to break the good news to him that he received four nominations for the upcoming IMEA awards.

At the award show in October, he won three of those awards. They were Country Album: Give It All I Got; Country Song: A Little Bit of Crown, and Country Entertainer of the Year.

These were not the first awards Matthew Huff has received.

He was awarded the George D. Hay Music Hall of Fame and Foundation Hoedown Award (sister organization to the Grand Ole Opry) and Nashville’s New Country Star Competition in 2011.

When we spoke, he said that out of all of the awards

was the IMEA award for his album “Give It All I Got”, since it was an award based on a whole body of work and not just one event or song. This album showcased 9 songs written by Matthew himself and two with fellow artists.

In 2015, his team of supporters, including myself, began to reach out to Independent music radio stations and small market radio stations submitting to them his award winning song: A Little Bit of Crown.

As of August 24, his sons is #4 on the Iceman's top 40 show, which is syndicated to over 2500 stations, and ranked #1 on the Independent Music Network Chart where fans are able to vote for his song once a week along with being the #1 requested song on Country Line Radio.It is also being included in many other radio shows reaching a total of over 4500 radio shows/stations globally. In addition, Matthew Huff has been featured in 2 magazines, is a featured artist on several internet radio station sites, and has had 8 radio interviews.

As much as he is enjoying the success and popularity of his song: “A Little Bit of Crown,” there is more to Matthew than just his music.

In April of 2014, devastating tornadoes hit several central Arkansas communities near his hometown.

I reached out to Matthew to make sure his friends and family were ok. I could hear in his voice his concern for not only his friends that were affected, but also for his fellow Arkansas neighbors.

Not being one to stand around, Matthew pitched in to help with the relief efforts putting his talent to use.

Matthew reached out to fellow songwriter Lance Carpenter and wrote “This Is Our Home”.

Both decided that 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this song would go to relief efforts for the State of Arkansas.

Matthew Huff