The IMC Magazine Issue 7/September, 2015 - Page 17

Chancy Johnson

Chancy Johnson

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The Woodwork


If you are lucky enough to catch a live performance, do not pass it up.

Lowland Hum has made it a strong part of their mission to draw people away from their technological addictions into the physical present. Their Facebook page reads : “In a day when interruptions, distractions and fragmentation are pervasive. Lowland Hum aims to address listening audiences as whole people, engaging their senses of sight, sound, smell, and touch, and inviting them to be present with one another for an evening. In order to accommodate the different ways people process information, the duo incorporates visual elements that frame the performance area, hand-bound lyric books and essential oil burners.” I find it refreshing that the Goans’ are attempting to break outside of the music box and seem to care about the well-being of their audience.

I look forward to following this couple’s progress for the foreseeable future.