The IMC Magazine Issue 7/September, 2015 - Page 16

I’ve listened to Lowland Hum’s self-titled album on repeat for days now, yet I still feel like I am only on the verge of discovering who they are. I heard about this husband and wife duo when I came across an announcement that they were coming through my home town of Charleston, SC on tour.

They seemed interesting and I’m a big fan of folk-types, so I ran a quick YouTube search on them. To my delight, NPR had recorded and made available one of their performances interspersed with some conversation with their audience.

I developed a strange attraction for the couple as I listened to Daniel and Lauren Goans tell their stories. Their music took on a greater meaning than it previously had. I watched the concert a couple of times, found their Soundcloud channel, and lost the next several days in their songs.

For those of us who will only experience Lowland Hum through our phones or computers, I recommend listening to this pair when you want to relax or reflect. It had a notably calming effect on me.

Their lyrics are smart and carefully intertwined. Some of my favorite lines come from the track Jack of Hearts:

“The Jack of Hearts pulled strings without

Lifting any fingers

His dark brow charms slowly destroyed

Defenses like waves on sandstone”

Click to listen to "The Jack of Hearts"