The IMC Magazine Issue 7/September, 2015 - Page 12

I asked Long if there was anywhere left in the world he still wanted to perform. “I have a following in Brazil that I would love to play to,” he said. “I suppose anywhere I haven't been would be great!”

That led me to ask Long if he and his music combined were a city anywhere in the world, which city most closely represented that connection. “I would be Montreal maybe,” he said. “North American and European influences.”

Long is not just a singer/songwriter. He is a poet as well, releasing his first book of poetry, Losing My Brotherhood in 2012. “I'm working on the sequel now, and it should hopefully be released early next year,” he said.

Although Long is now backed by a label, and was attached to ATO Records on his (first) A Winter’s Tale album, he did his time as an Indie artist and worked hard to get where he is now. He told the WoodSongs crowd how he didn’t live anywhere for two straight years, living and playing on the road for that time.

I asked Long if he had to advise other artists whether he preferred to be independent or backed by a label, what would he tell them? “I would recommend neither,” he laughed. “I would reckon writing, playing and loving what you do. Everything else will fall into place.”

Along with his live shows and book of poetry, Long always stays connected to the fan base who made the current album possible with a very successful (and currently ongoing) PledgeMusic Campaign ( Rewards for that campaign included a digital download of Ode to Thinking as soon as it was released in August along with incentives like hand-written song lyrics.

Another thing Long is known for on tours is his art gallery quality tour posters. He told me how the Line Art poster for Ode to Thinking came about. “We did a tour poster competition, and a lady called Jess Gattone won with her design,” he said. “It's great, and I'm proud to have it.”

And, of course, it wouldn’t be an IndieViews interview without a question about food. Having lived and toured all over the world, I asked him if there was a favorite place to eat or a favorite dish. “I love a lot of different food,” he admitted. “My friend just opened up a restaurant outside of New York City called ‘West Main Kitchen and Bar.’ It’s great food and people and it's great to be there.”

Lastly, I asked Long what we could expect from him personally and professionally over the next five, 10, and 15 years. “Making records and going places.” We would expect nothing less.

Check here to see where Bobby Long is performing along his Ode to Thinking Tour. He is also doing television and radio appearances for each stop on the tour. So tune in and learn more about this singer/songwriter. And check out the premier of his video for the song, “I’m Not Going Out Tonight.”

Kiva Johns-Adkins