The IMC Magazine Issue 15 /May 2016 - Page 69

The second performer was Dave Desmelik, the father of 7 year-old Holmes, the event was held in his honor. Dave is a multiple award winning singer/songwriter for both his individual songs and albums. To date he has self-released 10 albums, all of original material, as well as two albums with his former band Onus B. Johnson.

He has performed at venues ranging from the state of the art studios, large festivals to as he describes it, almost empty bars for a few people and the bartender. When you listen to Dave Desmelik’s songs, whether lyrical or instrumental he expresses a simple realness representative of the highs and lows of life.

When asked about his pursuit of a career in music he replied: I have chosen the life of a songwriter and musician not because I wish to, or have to, but because I want to and need to. It is my therapy and if there is a god, then he or she or whatever it is knows I need this therapy.

The power of music grabbed me early in life and I am so glad it has not let go of me. A question he is often asked is “Which album is his favorite?” His reply is always, “I would hang my hat on any of them. I write songs that are sometimes based on true stories, sometimes made up stories, or sometimes just observations. Whether lyrical or instrumental I assure you my heart is buried in all of them.”

His son Holmes was at the event and could be seen dancing with his brother thoroughly enjoying the evening’s entertainment. He is currently battling and inoperable tumor and has been undergoing chemotherapy for the past year and his family is taking it day to day and one step at a time. His father Dave said: “In addition to Holmes being his hero, he is very good at reminding us of how precious life is and they to strive to do their best to enjoy each moment.”

Dave Desmelik