The IMC Magazine Issue 15 /May 2016 - Page 65

where you are in the world. On your home computer, laptop, smart phone, car. Pretty well anywhere you can get a signal. There's literally thousands of stations particular to your favorite genre alone. The most important pro to me is the rising number of stations supporting independent and unsigned artists.

No longer is the ton of good music coming from INDIE artists of all genres being buried underneath of the continuous onslaught of mainstream. And these independent stations have grown by leaps and bounds. I give you Wayne Benson and his independent station Boston Rock Radio as a perfect example.

I also run an independent music station out of Ontario, Canada. Never before have my eyes and ears been stretched this open to a whole new world of music. Now, don't get me wrong. I love all music and at times, loathe artists being labeled as Indie or mainstream. But that's for another article.

Now the cons. It's still about the almighty buck. Therefore, saturation. You have to tune into and bypass a ton of stations to avoid Adele pounding out her latest, Blake Shelton twanging away or Led Zeppelin taking you up that stairway. Sadly, to this day, a majority of the larger and successful radio stations bow to the major record labels and stick to mainstream artists only (although some of the more successful Indie acts like Adele, Sheppard and Walk The Moon get plenty of air time). So, the majority of indie artists still get shoved to the wayside.

Greed has also meant the demise of thousands of small internet stations across the U.S. being forced to shut down with royalty issues playing the biggest part. Again, that is for another article.

The state of radio today is one that can be questioned and debated for hours, even days. I thank Neil and IMC magazine for allowing me to give my 2 cents worth.


So there you have it. I’m a big fan of radio having grew up with one ear glued to my transistor and listening to all the great pirates of the past, witnessing the opening of radio 1 from my pillow, but my own personal opinion is that the amazing Internet explosion of ‘new radio’ with all its enormous potential and promise to bring some excitement back to the music industry has not come to fruition.

We seem to have lost the plot and saturated the radio network.

It seems that today’s presenters are stifled and the radio bosses are unadventurous. A huge opportunity has been missed. It is worrying that our great icons and stars of the popular music industry are not being replaced as the corporate giants suck the last dregs from what was a vibrant and exciting media. Anyone who was around during the days of the pirates will remember all those jocular hooky jingles and the way advertising was done in order to fund the station. “It’s a breezy day out there today girls, so don’t forget to take your SIILVIKRIN HAIRSPRAY with you”.

These charismatic DJs brought pop music into our homes and a smile to our faces. Not everyone will agree with my conclusion I’m sure - and things do change, but in the meantime thank you to the presenters who helped to make this article and I wish you all a very successful and ‘happy radio’!

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