The IMC Magazine Issue 15 /May 2016 - Page 48

and The Royal Albert Hall because they're some of the biggest theaters in England, yet the world.

Your debut track 'Lost' was released in the fall of last year. A song that you took (with the help of producer KC Thorpe) and turned it into an 'upbeat pop, dance track'. Was this song chosen specifically for you to debut or where their others you had thought about releasing 1st?

One of my friends showed me this song a couple of months prior and I thought, 'Oh, I really like this song, I'm going to try and learn it.' So, I just started singing it over and over.

My manager said 'you should do this song because I've heard you singing it and you sing it really well.' So we went into the studio and recorded it. It was the first track I released on iTunes. I got good feedback on it so it made me want to carry on doing this.

Your latest release entitled, "Pretty Pictures" was written and co-produced by you, recorded with KC Thorpe at Big Jam Studios, and mastered at the world famous "Abbey Road Studios" in London by award-winning mastering engineer, Frank Arkwright. Where did the inspiration come from when you wrote that song?

I have 2 types of songwriting. I have songwriting where I'm in a good mood and songwriting when I'm in a bad mood. So when I'm happy I'll write a really happy and upbeat song. When I'm in a bad mood I'll write something depressing and gloomy. But I was in a really good mood when I wrote this. I was just sitting in my room.

I was sitting there and I had really bad writer's block. I was thinking I really want to write a song about having a perfect relationship with, like your family or girlfriend and having that one picture frame beside you all the time. Hence the reason the line 'I can feel our future encased in pretty pictures'. That's where the inspiration for that line came from. Just that feeling.

You'll be releasing Pretty in Pictures, The Remix EP at the end of this may. Who will be some of the artists and producers you'll be working with?

I've worked with Omar, who's one of the biggest garage dj's in this country. DJ Fen, who's one half of Ramsey and Fen, who did the song 'Love Bug'. Celladore, who's an up and coming remix dj, Carpe Diem, who's a big dance dj in this country and another up and coming dj called Casey Thorpe who does a lot of hard core and dance tracks.

Not only are you a talented singer and songwriter, you also become a pretty good actor. At least, I think so when I watch the video of 'Chasing Cars' on YouTube. What got you into acting and who are some of the big names you have worked with?

I've worked with actors such as Rosie Day. I've worked with the Jersey Boys. Worked with Kylie Minogue choreographer, Tim Noble. Aaron Sidwell, who was on Eastenders, which is a really big soap opera in this country. It's a really nerve wracking experience to work with actors such as those people. But once you get into it, it's just amazing.

And if that's not enough, you also host the UK Top 30 Countdown Show on the Internet Radio Station Hit Mix UK ( What can you tell us about that?

It's really good because I can just sit there and listen to all my favorite artists such as Lukas Graham, Tinie Tempah, Cellardore and people like that. I just sit there and listen to them for 2 hours every Sunday night and I think 'wow, this is amazing'. And it brings out my musical knowledge as well.

With all these paths for you choose from in what promises to be a very bright future, is there any one particular field you want to concentrate on or are you looking to combine them all in some capacity?

I've always wanted to stick with singing since I was very, very little. Everything else I do is just really a hobby. Singing is something I've always wanted to do, so I'm going to have to stick with singing.

Besides the EP being released in May, what else does 2016 have in store for you?

I've got some more songs coming out soon, later on in the year. I'm doing some gigs around the U.K. I'm writing music still and still trying to find out where I want to sit genre wise. Hopefully, this year is going to be a really big year for me.

Thanks for taking the time out of your hectic schedule. We look forward to more big things from you in the future.