The IMC Magazine Issue 15 /May 2016 - Page 43

The track “Octocation” gets me going because I am a total sucker for songs that’s include spelling out words with a chant, so “O-C-T-O OCTO GATO!” is a welcome breakdown. The most popular song off the LP, “31 Flavors” just had its music video released a few weeks back. The video boasts lots of girls, ice cream, dancing, and hula hoops, and really, what else does surf rock call for besides that? Having the opportunity to be at the shoot, I can tell you the music is definitely well received. Normally at video shoots you will see people bored out of the minds by the time the track has played for the 38th time, but this was a nonstop party. Check out the video here:

Octo Gato is full of fun vocals, electric guitar shreds, bouncing bass lines, and peppy drums that transport you to a beachside tiki hut with a mixed drink in your hand – reminiscent of what it’s like to spend a Spring Break in South Florida. The album from start to finish is a poppy rock jam session that keeps your feet tippin’ and toes tappin’. From my personal favorites “Underwater Cat” and “Anchors of Love” the old school surf feel of the songs and the many cat references (their fans are known as “gatos” after all) come together to create a reverb effect you don’t get in many other styles.

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