The IMC Magazine Issue 15 /May 2016 - Page 15

Nishe have done several tours in various cities in Europe, how are you received there and where did you like playing the most?

G: Actually surprisingly well! We were appreciated pretty much everywhere we played, especially in Germany where people are really welcoming and seem to enjoy our music a lot.

Earlier in 2015 you went to NYC and Boston and did a few live gigs, how did it feel to play in the USA and do you plan to go back again anytime soon?

G: It felt really good, we love the US and can’t wait to go back there as soon as possible. We’re always talking about it so we’ll see what will happen in the next few months!

What have you learned about the music industry since you’ve started out and what would you do differently if you knew then what you know now?

G: Obviously we learned about a lot of things we never even imagined existed, but I don’t complain about our growth over the last couple of years and I think every little step we took was and will be useful in the future.

What are your plans for 2016, what are your new goals that you hope to achieve and accomplish?

G: We’re going to release multiple singles and music videos throughout the year, and we’re also discussing collaborations with record labels as we believe it’s now time for us to start checking that path and see where it can take us.

If you could meet anyone from the music industry (alive or dead) who would you chose and what would you say to them?

G: I dream very often about meeting famous people and making bad impressions on them, so I’ll tell you when I’ll figure out a way not to.

H: Maybe Robert Johnson, I'd ask him about selling his soul to the devil.

N: Hard to pick! I think I would go and meet James Brown back in the seventies and ask him for a little dance lesson.

If I sent you off on a desert island (separate islands let me add) and I gave you three things to take with you, what would you chose and why? btw you can’t take another person!

G: A seaplane, a tank of fuel and water.

H: A barrel of fresh water, 40 kilos of rice, and a satellite phone

N: I would take a boat to try to leave as quickly as I arrive, and a radio so I can try to call for help, and lot of food and water for survival I guess?