The IMC Magazine Issue 15 /May 2016 - Page 13

The first time I heard of Nishe was when I was sent through your single Lose Control and it caught my attention straight away, What inspired you to write this particular song? also did you only release this as a single as I don’t see it on your new EP?

G: I really wanted to make something essential that could work even with a very basic yet intriguing sound and that’s why I composed the whole song around that hypnotic synth riff, changing to an unexpected big Alternative chorus with roaring guitars and gritty vocals.

It was only released as a single, not as part of an EP because we really wanted to focus the attention on it.

Who is the main songwriter in the band?

G: I am the only songwriter in the band at the moment, although we arrange our songs together so we can influence the sound individually.

Tell me a bit about your latest EP called “Underlaps" released just before Christmas 2015, how has your music progressed since your first EP - “This is Nishe released the year before?

G: There have been a lot of changes, we introduced new influences and stretched some old ones. Our first EP had a very “standard-rock” sound, with a hint of Reggae, while our new EP “Underlaps” has a variety of influences from Punk to RnB, with industrial electronics and even elements of Dubstep. Also I recorded, produced, mixed and mastered it personally which was really hard work but a lot of fun and satisfaction.

Can you tell me about your creative process, are you involved in the album artwork and music video?

G: I personally take care of artworks and music videos, and I believe that assures a very high level of creative freedom and can really help get the artistic vision through.