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BAMIL (born April 5,1969) is a Puerto Rican Award Winning Recording Artist, ASCAP Member, Singer-Songwriter, Music Producer, Music Arranger. BAMIL released his solo debut CD 'Una Puerta Al Corazon' (A Door To Your Heart' in 2009.

January 2015 BAMIL released the new CD 'H34RT + 50UL' Featuring the song 'Love Is Where You Are' with special guests Pete Tebar and Cheryl Nye. Also the official video was released on YouTube.

On this CD features the special guests Missy Guthrie on the song Duet 'If There's A Space In You Heart' and Chrisy D on the song 'Clean Heart'. The song 'SMILE' by BAMIL won a Mixposure Music Awards for Best Songwriting on March 2015 and The Akademia Music Awards for Best Song on Singer-Songwriter/Electronica on May 2015.

May 2015 'Love Is Where You Are' Won Best Duo Or Band And Best Song On MakeAStar Competition. The song ''Aroma A Primavera' (Smell Like Spring) won Best Song on October 2015 The Akademia Music Awards. BAMIL scores another win with the song 'Stranger To Your Heart' on The Akademia Music Awards on December 15, 2015.

This is the third win on The Akademia for BAMIL in 2015. January 2016 BAMIL released 'Haunted By Circles' which features the hit song 'Hipnoteyes' reaching #1 two times in Number One Music N1M Pop Rock Charts and #2 in the same chart twice. February 2016 'Hipnoteyes' was awarded Best Pop/Rock/Electronica Song in the Akademia Music Awards. BAMIL wrote and produced the song 'Mrs. Good Luck' performed by the Brazilian Singer Julia Crystal. This song will be released under BAMIL own recording Label 273 NOTERECORDS.

Bamil also has appeared at the pages of "Buenos Dias Florida Newspaper" interviewed By Entertainment Columnist Linda Mera on December 31, 2009- January 17,2010 Edition. Bamil is also the Author of the Book "Pasajes Del Alma" and "Herramientas de Dios En Nuestra Vida".

February 2010 Bamil was interviewed at Vision Newspaper By Maria Cotto. Bamil spoke about his Book "Pasajes Del Alma" (Passages Of The Soul) and about his musical work and future projects.

Other Bamil productions includes "Una Puerta Al Corazón"(A Door To The Heart)(2008), CD Single "Me Aferro A Ti"(Holding You)(2009), "Con Tinta Roja"(With Red Ink)(2009) And "The Sound Of God"(2010).

"The Message" is an album featuring the tittle cut, also "Caribbean Runaway". Bamil has played with Rock and Progressive Bands like Winescars, Mundo Irreal And Stereogris.

Bamil is an active member of ASCAP as a writer and publisher. He owns his own Record Label 273 NOTERECORDS and his Publishing Label Red Wolf Amidst The Forest.





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