The IMC Magazine Issue 14/April 2016 - Page 56

Greg was grateful to the supporters of his Kickstarter campaign and was determined to find a way to creatively incorporate the names of all the people who donated. This was accomplished by including their names in the cinder block wall on the front cover.

It was recently brought to Greg's attention that by including their names in the block wall it was as if each person had 'purchased' a brick, or in this case a block, as they do for fund raising events such as hospitals and schools. The donators to Greg's fundraising campaign were the cornerstone in building what became his recently released EP. In appreciation, Greg ensured that each person who donated to his campaign received a copy of his EP before it became available to the general public.

On the day of release Greg watched the sales of the EP climb the iTunes Country Album Charts, peaking at #54. He says that “Not knowing what to expect upon its release, he was blown away by how quickly it climbed the chart and was pleasantly surprised at how much support the album received. " Even though he is proud of his first solo EP, The Lucky Ones, Greg feels that his second EP: "Want You In IT" includes some of his favorite songs he has written to date and is a reflection of the high energy, party atmosphere of his live audience performances.

Over the past 4 years Greg has played over 600 shows from New Mexico to New York, Key West to Boston, Texas to Wisconsin, and has had the honor of sharing the stage with fellow country artists such as Charlie Daniels, Vince Gill, Travis Tritt, Jake Owen, Dustin Lynch and Chris Stapleton.

Being an Independent Artist the responsibility of promoting his music to radio stations and booking future venues falls on Greg’s shoulders and he has learned how to succeed without a record label, major booking agent or investor. He credits his progress and success of the sales of his music and merchandise to his loving fans and the lifelong friendships he has built through touring.

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Beth Fedornak

Contributor for IMC Magazine