The IMC Magazine Issue 14/April 2016 - Page 55

inspiring his own work and enhancing his musical and songwriting abilities.

After graduation Greg moved to Nashville to pursue a career in music, and began collaborating with world-renowned songwriters including David Lee, Darrell Brown, and Clay Mills. The first few years in Nashville Greg’s focus was on songwriting with his band. It was during this time he realized he wanted to devote more time to developing his solo career, releasing his first solo EP in 2011 titled: The Lucky Ones.

When I ask him about his songwriting process, Greg says that he typically writes with a core of people that he has close ties with. He begins by writing down some of his life experiences and random phrases that come to mind , which over time develop into song lyrics. Only later does he weave the melodies to fit the lyrics.

In early 2014 Greg wanted to release a second EP, and spent the next 2 years writing many songs and then slowly narrowing down his choices to the five that were to be included. This was a labor of love, for as an independent unsigned artist, the majority of funding for the cost of the album falls onto his shoulders. So Greg began a Kickstarter project, in which he raised over $13,000 from the generosity of family, friends and fans.

Greg then reached out to fellow musician, publisher and producer Johnny Garcia, an accomplished musician and lead guitarist for Garth Brooks. With the help of Johnny, they hand-picked some of Nashville’s most talented studio musicians to help Greg record and produce his EP.

When Greg decided to release a second solo EP he never imagined the process would take over two years to complete between the amount of time to write and handpick the five songs he wanted to feature but also the amount of time it took to raise the funds necessary to finance the cost of producing his EP through a Kickstarter campaign. What surprised Greg the most about the project was that they were able to record all five songs in four hours – a testament to the talent of the fellow musicians who helped make Greg’s dream of his EP: Want You In It – The Kickstarter EP come to life. Greg proudly released the EP in February 2016.