The IMC Magazine Issue 14/April 2016 - Page 46


Texxcoco is a garage-surf trio from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain), who has depeloped a style they call "Garage subtropical", mostly influented by 90´s garage, original punk and 70´s psychodelia, mixed with our sunny and subtropical canarian paradise.

Our band is formed by:

Adriana Moscoso (1997) - Composition, voice, guitar

Joshua Delgado (1992) - Bass

Cristian Muñoz (1983) - Drums

Their first album 'Blu', was released some months ago, by Clifford Records. On 22nd April a 7" vinyl copy will be released. The Band are currently working on a second EP, which will be recorded on May.

Listen to their music on:





"If Hinds were flying the flag for mainland Spain, then Texxcoco are the Indie darlings of the Canary Islands in the Atlantic."— Fred Bambridge, Glastonbury emerging bands contest Jury, It's All Indie