The IMC Magazine Issue 14/April 2016 - Page 42

Lauren Barrett is 16 from Abertillery in South Wales.

Lauren has been with New Atlantic Records for almost a year and has completed her first 4 track EP entitled ‘My Epiphany’ and is now recording an album.

Lauren also works in theatre and performed in a run of 'Hairspray' last year.

She has also completed theatre courses at the Connie Fisher Academy and West End Stage Academy and played one of the lead characters in the production of Summer Holiday at the Dolman Theatre, Newport in February 2016.

Lauren is self-contained, has her own music and recording room and simply forwards her vocal recordings to her record label in Exeter for mastering which gives her an inexpensive and prolific output.


Facebook: Lauren Barrett - New Atlantic Records

Twitter: @LB1Official

Mick J Clark is first and foremost a songwriter and also releases his own material on New Atlantic.

He has just recorded a rock album and will be releasing singles from it in the coming months. His writing is varied and can include rock songs, ballads, reggae, pop or even country music.

Always with something to say, and never slow to write a song about what is happening in the world, as well as songs about everyday feelings and experiences. Very much a studio artist, but now with three albums completed, will be playing some gigs in the summer.



Twitter: @MickjclarkJ