The IMC Magazine Issue 14/April 2016 - Page 40

The music business is relentless. Time off could mean having to start all over again, and being prolific with your output, working with others, writing songs and singing covers are all part of the deal.

The Internet is a marvellous tool to use, but it can lead you to believe that it’s all about sitting around counting hits on YouTube, when in fact you should be out and about entertaining.

This is the difference between being a music artist and being a hobbyist – Elvis Costello, for example, must have recorded over a thousand songs.

Though of course, there are no rules. Anything can happen at any time, or in fact nothing whatsoever, but it certainly helps if your glass is overflowing rather than almost empty!

Professional songwriters work full time and write songs every day (several in fact). They will pen hundreds before maybe hitting on a winner. You cannot expect that your first EP will be a success, especially if you’ve just started writing songs. So make the EP, promote it or pay someone else to promote it and start on the next project.

Keep it coming! New Atlantic Records (NA) in Exeter, UK, integrates the traditional with the modern and works closely with successful songwriters to help new acts become prolific and productive.

With thousands of new acts emerging all the time, your name needs to be constantly heard and your information, pictures and news constantly seen, or your name is very soon forgotten.

NA works in mainstream music with all ages and has a particular talent for helping young singers who are just starting out. This business is not something you can just ‘know’, it does take many years to learn and is constantly changing.

In pre-Internet times, the competition was lower as there was a middle ground – the Independent labels. This would be where you tried to enter the music business. The ‘Unsigned’ really were unsigned and not just a name used by the media for anyone not on a major label, and the Indies were the first point of call for new talented acts. These days, everyone is in competition and the middle ground has been washed away and to some degree ignored by the media and by the corporate giants, who only exist because of the Independents through the decades supplying great new artists to them.

When you see new, big acts emerging through TV shows or from major labels, many of you may think ‘well I can sing or write better than that’, and you probably can.

Some of these new ‘stars’ have worked their way up by networking with the professionals and do have a talent to attract fans. Others may be related to existing stars – isn’t it strange that a daughter or son of a big star immediately becomes just as talented as their parent?

Some other acts are seemingly put there just to drive us all insane, and the remainder are probably genuinely talented.

So take your pick as to who worked hard to get there and who didn’t, because most will tell you they did.

You really cannot be lazy.

NA believes that the talented person will always shine through, but any talented young person does need help with finding better songs, delivering professional performances, learning how to take the rough with the smooth, and of course to keep smiling!

It’s tough out there. We all know and have experienced the knock backs and the haters who can make a young artist’s life hell. It is not possible for everyone to ‘make it’, so give yourself the best chance.