The IMC Magazine Issue 14/April 2016 - Page 33

THE VIM DICTA serves up soulful, sophisticated musicianship and clever lyrical content consistently delivered in powerfully memorable performances. As the growing buZz attests, their shows conjure the kind of excitement felt in the 1960’s when rock trios like The Jimi Hendrix Experience and Cream took the music world by storm.

So energetic and exciting is their signature “psychogroove” sound that modern myths decrying “Rock is Dead” crumble as fans and critics alike describe feeling the spirit of the genre come alive within them!

The Vim Dicta formed in late 2011 amidst LA’s re-energized underground music scene and have worked hard to attract music fans looking for something unique and powerful without marginalizing their Art.

Original members CORI ELLIOTT (vocals/bass) and MATT TUNNEY (guitar/vocals) make up the nucleus of the trio and have set the tone for the band’s remarkable sound. Chicago native and "gunslinger" CHRIS “FUSE” INFUSINO (drums and percussion) was brought aboard in June 2013.

They are now three equal parts of positive virtuosic progressive rock (think “The Dead Weather, Led Zeppelin with a dash of Mars Volta / Santana”); a psychedelic rhythm section on a Latin Jazz acid trip; a dark boyish tour de force flanked by a sexy siren delivering soulful vocals combining Alison Mosshart and Billie Holliday."


(Exerpt taken from the bands bio on their web page)