The IMC Magazine Issue 14/April 2016 - Page 27

honor and pleasure to get to know a little bit more of the lady with the amazing voice and powerful lyrics. We look forward to more great music from you and wish you all the best in 2016.

Thank you very much, Randy. Thank you for having me, it was a pleasure.

As Nicole's good friend Kathryn Parker says:

"A beautiful union of love between this Angel and her guitar. It's Nicole's lilting voice that will whisk you away as she works her magic. Take just a moment, sit down with a warm cup of coffee, and discover why they call her 'Songbird'. Her voice will transport to another time and place. Sing a song for me 'Songbird.' It's long past time for me to fly away!"

So, if you are a bird lover like Kathryn and myself and you find the weather keeping you indoors, head on down to your nearest cafe and check out Nicole 'Songbird' Coward.

Sit back , close your eyes and you'll be listening to one of the prettiest songbirds you can imagine!

interview by Randy Skaggs aka - THE MAESTRO