The IMC Magazine Issue 14/April 2016 - Page 18

 A lot of independent artists rely on word of mouth, friends and their own promotional skills to get their music spread to the masses. A lot use social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, Reverbnation and others to get their name out on the market. While most of the artists may be doing okay at self promoting, often they will lack the time or resources that will enable them to reach out to even more music lovers.

Spending time writing songs, recording, and travelling to gigs often leaves little time and money for anything else.

Now if you're like me and have a love for candy (who doesn't?) then it seems only fitting that candy is used to entice artists to get the promoting help they need. Yes, I said candy. As in Radio Candy.

Introducing Marc Platt, founder and owner of Radio Candy, who's also a producer, promoter, host of a successful radio series entitled Best Of The Best, author of a POP MUSIC e-book series and a darn fine musician in his own right. Marc knows what it's like to try and get yourself heard and has dedicated himself to helping independent artists do just that. Radio Candy is a company designed to work artist's music to Internet Radio Stations at an affordable price.

Yours truly figures it's sometimes best to let the subject do the talking, so I fired a few questions at Marc to let him give you the lowdown on what Radio Candy is all about. Tell us what Radio Candy is?

‘Radio Candy’ is a company dedicated to helping worthy Indie music recording artists get placements on worldwide radio. I have been one myself for 35 years and understand how hard it is to find people to support their pop creations. The music business has changed so much in the last two decades. It is like the Wild West out there now. I just happened to make a lot of contacts starting in 2011 trying to get my own record placed on some Internet radio stations.

My brother has an entertainment company in Los Angeles. He happened to be talking to a friend of mine Maureen Davis who I helped get some placements through my contacts. She told him that I helped save her record deal, because the label didn’t support her ‘Maureen & The Mercury 5’ CD properly and she was able to get more action with my contacts. That must have lit the light bulb in my brother Jon Platt’s head, because he started calling me planting the seed to create my own placement company.

Where did the idea for Radio Candy come from?

My girlfriend Karen Sternfeld came up with the name “Radio Candy” in about 5 seconds when I asked her to help me. It made complete sense and I immediately put the wheels in motion. I created a website, consolidated my list.

My brother Jon handed me a few clients to start and I was off and running getting worldwide placements. Word of mouth was fast and I started picking up more and more clients. It even got to the point when a few radio stations were so happy with the content I was providing them, they asked me to do a show for them. I decided to put together a ‘Radio Candy Indie Radio Show’ with many of my clients and friends who rarely get airplay.

The show is now being carried on 8 stations (and building). My other show ‘Best of the Best’ is a Classic Rock show that goes hand in hand with my Pop Music eBook series.

Tell us about your experience in the music/promotions industry?

My first job out of college was at the Rhino Record label. I was a utility man. We only had 7 employees in 1983, so I answered phones, listened to demos, handled proofreading and invoices for the company. I learned every aspect of the record business and Indie, etc from that company that specialized in reissues, but had a roster of artists.

You've landed some pretty big names in the Independent music scene - how do you go about securing these artists ?

Like I said, some were handed to me and then many more sought me out. I keep my rates incredibly low so everyone can afford my services. You can check it out at