The IMC Magazine Issue 14/April 2016 - Page 13

In your home town of Leeds, what is the music scene like, do you get out to support other indie artists, if so, who would you recommend me to listen to?

There's a band Called City of Lights the  are wicked. The local scene in Leeds is mega, there are some unbelievable bands here, we love to go to gigs, we use then as band night out, have a few beers and see someone music. 

When you get some down time, what do you all like to do to relax and get away from the hectic music world?

I like go and play golf with My Dad. It's good to catch up with him on the course. I'm not very good, but we have a healthy competition. I also like to run, that clears my head. 

Social media is a big part of todays music world. Do you like to interact with your fans via the the various social networks and what one works best for you when promoting your music?

It's my new favourite  thing to do. You get to have one on one conversations with your fans, we we get asked a question we reply to everything, I would say our fans are more friends than fans. Twitter is a good one for us.

What do you think about online music sharing? Do you ever give your music away for free if so Why?

We put alot of music on sound cloud for people to hear. I thing online sharing is great it's the way the world works now. I feel  if we didn't comply then our music wouldn't  get heard. We are getting a lot more people to shows because of it. 

If you could choose to play on any venue, anywhere in the world, where would you like to play and why?

We have a played it once supporting James Blunt, but I would love to have a headline show at Leeds arena I think that would be a special day. 

if you could meet anyone dead or alive from the music world, what would you say to them?

I really wanna have a drink with Glen Hansard  and Guy Garvey I would just pick the brains on the way they make music, maybe ask them if they want to write a song with me. 

What’s next for The Dunwells?

We have Just released Light up the Sky, what's next for us, is Tour Tour Tour, you know what. I cannot wait! 

Finally, I’m going to send you all off on a Deserted island, you are not allowed to take anyone with you, however I will give you three things to take with you. What will you take and why?

I would take playing cards we would have to keep our self's entertained, a pen knife for practical reasons, Rob can will make stuff. I really want to say a guitar but that's not going to save my life and the lads would get fit up of me sing to them all the time, so I would say a luxury  Tent. We might be there a long time!

Thank you Joey! I promise I wont keep you long on that island! For more information on this amazing band check out these links:



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